snow in June…in Alabama?!

16 thoughts on “snow in June…in Alabama?!

  1. At least Nala is cooler – and I too can relate – but in my case, it isn’t nearly as bad – as mine – Niekah is a mix – Shepherd Husky – but it’s endless brushing and fur fur fur!

    Does Nala try to eat her fur back? LOL Niekah does – thinking, I guess, “hey it’s mine” – and my other pooch, Sierra, gets in on the act too. Silly but loveable companions 😀

    And your son Henry did an awesome job! Great talent he has – takes after Mom 😀


    1. Hi! Yes, so much FUR. I wonder how many pounds of it i’ve ingested since Nala came home to me. Nala has no interest in eating her fur, but my black cat LOVES to play in it & she does eat a bit. It’s pretty cute to see her black fur turn white. I have a mutt, who would eat all of Nala’s fur if i let him, but then he has eaten batteries, a frisbee, a plastic pencil box, all dog toys i bought him…how he is still alive remains a mystery. 🙂 I will pass your compliment to Henry! Thank you! ~amy


    1. It is death of a BIG FLUFF BALL, but she is reborn as a cute little summer husky! The destruction? She napped in her pile of fur as though she was cold in Alabama heat. Crazy girl. ~amy

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    1. Ha! Blow outs on dogs are CRAZY! There is a woman, who i could send Nala’s fur to & she would spin it into “yarn” & knit me a sweater. I cannot afford that. Besides, all my clothes get covered in her fur anyway! Thank you for your comment! ~amy

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    1. Hi Reggie! I can’t wait to show Henry your compliment! He will love it. He is the only one of my three children that has shown any interest in photograph. I’m lucky he does! Nala looks so much better after an hour of brushing…she needs to be brushed again. Oy…it is a lot of work. Thank you, Reggie! ~amy

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