playing with polo ponies

Ponies? I’ve never, ever seen bigger horses than these. The dorky blond woman is me, i am a very tall 5 foot woman. My friend Steve is 6 feet. These were strikingly beautiful horses. I’d love to know the name of the breed

oak leaf hydrangea every season

fall & winter & early spring Spring the flowers come in green and here they are at their summer best… Oak Leaf Hydrangea is Alabama’s state flower. They can be found wild or planted in one’s own land. The reason people plant them for their own is obvious.

wee African Violets

I love buds. I used to be upset whenever i bought mums & the buds refused to open. NOW, i use them in the arrangement because they look like small little balls. I’ll show soon. These were very small African Violets.

low light can do some pretty cool things

the focus falls fast when shooting in low light. Low light behaves a bit like a portrait lens…I love this beaded tree. Myer’s Plant and Pottery Pelham, Alabama

my black cat is scared of sunlight

On rare occasions, Ivy, my cat, will be seen during the daytime. The first image is of her basking in the sun (a rare sight indeed). A friend of mine has a black cat too. I asked her about the shyness & she informed me that most black cats are like this. So based on…

sunlight hits rust

I love when time & the elements change something into art. All photos were taken at Myer’s Plant and Pottery. I love taking photographs at locally owned shops because i am a firm believer in buying local, supporting our neighbors…

The Gift

In a packed Sanctuary, Destin was bar mitzvahed. Destin blew us all away. Near the end of the service, he read his speech, that he had written by himself, to all of us. Personally, I had no idea that this 13 year old was so brilliant & so far more mature than any 13 year…