Cedar Creek Nursery

This is a very cool place. They have an antique store, a gift shop that has EVERYTHING & the flowers. oh, and the shop cat. A great place to spend an hour & some money. The address is 2979 Hwy 119,  Montevallo, Alabama 35115. Its privately owned & operated. #buylocal Here are the fake flowers…

popping up poppies

One of my favorite flowers. I had to shoot these poppies at high noon (bad planning)…which is never a flattering light for anything or anyone…it means i had to get on the ground to photograph most of these. If i attempted to photograph them from above, the flowers would have been overexposed & the color…

at the bottom of the hill

from my daughter’s new high school, is a HUGE nursery. Andy’s Creekside Nursery is a privately owned & operated business on Rocky Ridge Road in Vestavia. #buylocal… Here is the problem, i usually drop my daughter off at 8:00am, guess what time Andy’s opens?! yes, 8:ooam. i have an incredible weakness for nursery’s…and i have…

color me red

The camera has a difficult capturing the color red. pumping up the photo with saturation makes red bleed like blood. however, if red isn’t matching what your eye saw when shooting it, then the best way to make it come to life is to add warmth instead of saturation. 

water bonds with itself

perfectly captured on my Hosta (well it was mine, but i’ve moved on, quite happily) me & water made the painting above