a boy & his dog

15 thoughts on “a boy & his dog

    1. Me too, Nora. My son is so wonderful…my girls think i’m not worth their time. I hope puberty takes its good time to hit my son. Because that is the beast that takes children away. 🙂 ~amy

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    1. Thank you so much. I have to agree with you. They are both great loves…though my son is my favorite, don’t tell Nala! Nala is a big baby when i brush her, which is why we stop to love on her every few minutes. AND she knows she will get cookies when she is done. Good luck with your pooch! ~amy


      1. You’re welcome, Amy! Well, enjoy them both! I never thought of rewarding Brownie after brushing and bathing her! I’ll have to try that even though she’s 13 now. Perhaps it still might work! I can’t give her anything except canned pumpkin for a reward now because of digestion problems she has. The vet said no more biscuits over a year ago. She loves the pumpkin, though! And thanks!


    1. I’ve had Siberian Huskies off and on for almost 20 years. I love their sense of humor, their playfulness. But their fur, ugh…they kill my vacuum cleaners. That i could do without. AND i saw a youtube video of a woman who spun Husky fur into scarves & sweaters. Thank you for commenting! ~amy


    1. Awww…is right. That boy left for camp :(. I was sick two weeks before he left, i had the flu. Before he left, i told him that i wished he had gotten my cold so he couldn’t go. He said, “awww, that is so sweet, but…its kind of mean too” I said, “not mean, selfish” Thanks, Reggie! ~amy

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