can you see the contempt in her ears?

  If you are looking for a dog that you’d like to train to…fetch a ball & bring it back. A Siberian Husky is NOT for you. If you want a guard dog…the Husky is NOT for you. If you don’t want to brush bushels of three types of fur every day…Nope. Wrong dog for…

wrap the dogs around you

the first picture reminds me of the song, “all around the Mayberry bush” except it is my son in the middle. these were taken a few years ago. Before the love of my live dog died. last week it was 70 degrees and this morning we have frost. I find myself complaining either way? Maybe…

turn Christmas decorations into Hanukkah ones…here is how.

i found the bear for Christmas, he was holding a stocking. i found the bunny for easter, he was holding a carrot (i know that a carrot isn’t religious). to make any holiday your own, just find a way to change things you see & love. Even if they are for a holiday you don’t…

she is camouflaged. right?

she is hiding in the bushes beside my garage door. i almost missed her. again, cool moments are captured with my shattered iPhone. sigh.

my two favorite photos were taken with my phone

my dog, Blue…thought he was a person. when i belted him in my *SAAB station wagon, he thought, “finally, she gets me” i was blessed with Blue for almost 10 years. he followed me from room to room. he was my shadow. my son called Blue, “my brother” because they were born a month apart….

poor husky

instead of being the carpet at the top of the stairs, she is in 70 degree shade, a breeze as soft as a whisper, watching her world go by.