can you see the contempt in her ears?

  If you are looking for a dog that you’d like to train to…fetch a ball & bring it back. A Siberian Husky is NOT for you. If you want a guard dog…the Husky is NOT for you. If you don’t want to brush bushels of three types of fur every day…Nope. Wrong dog for…

an oldie, but goodie joke (told to my Husky)

since my camera is in the shop, i’ve gone through & pulled some of my favorite photos to share (some, again) This is Nala our gorgeous Siberian Husky. We adopted her from Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue about five years ago.

my two favorite photos were taken with my phone

my dog, Blue…thought he was a person. when i belted him in my *SAAB station wagon, he thought, “finally, she gets me” i was blessed with Blue for almost 10 years. he followed me from room to room. he was my shadow. my son called Blue, “my brother” because they were born a month apart….

poor husky

instead of being the carpet at the top of the stairs, she is in 70 degree shade, a breeze as soft as a whisper, watching her world go by.

dirty dog

i have no idea how she did this, but it is adorable!

a boy & his dog

This is Henry & our Siberian Husky…she needs lots of hug while being brushed.

snow in June…in Alabama?!

photography by Henry Saab, my 11yr old son. i think he did a great job. as for me? I got really, really furry & dirty. But she is worth it