He first asked for a pup…

Then he wanted a Maine Coon Kitten. I told him they cost about $800, so NO. My son and went to a few stores that have kittens from the local Humane Society, because it was a Sunday. The first store had none. The second store had a few beautiful cats. We looked online. I stopped…

time traveling at Zoe’s in Forest Park

I found these mannequins at the consignment shop, Zoe’s in Forest Park. Their clothes are wonderful. Every time i visit, i feel as though i am a little girl, going through my grandmother’s closet. There are everyday clothes, business attire & little black dresses. Hidden among the everyday, are very old fancy clothes. Clothes that…

the grown up toy store for gardeners

Something for everyone at Leaf & Petal’s Cahaba Heights location. Privately owned & operated – #buylocal         (shhh, this place is so cool, i picked up a job application (working from home can get boring)…imagine spending the day deadheading flowers!

playing with orchids

My favorite nursery, Leaf & Petal…moved into a stunning new place. I loved the ceilings in their new buildings. A lot more iphone pictures to come.

the astronaut was dancing with aliens

I gotta say this was the least boring place i’ve ever been. The people here were very comfortable being themselves. I loved watching this woman dance. She was great fun. The bee people were there for the ‘bee petting zoo’. And people think Birmingham Alabama is made up of straight laced Bible loving people. Here…

Lavender Twist Rosebud

Another favorite flowering tree. I love how they flower straight out of the branch. What a stunner. I found this at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

the club in Birmingham, Alabama

I took these with my iphone. We decided to lunch here (she is a member) to see the view from atop Red Mountain. There wasn’t one. Still…they had some cool lights


ok…I’m done. Until next year! Happy Spring