the queen makes the chessboard

My parents went to Scotland last September. They brought back stories of their adventures & photographs as proof of them. They also brought back a name of an author who writes a series of mysteries that take place on the Isle of Lewis. There was a tour in places that matched descriptions of places in…

painting a 65 year old memory

I was commissioned to paint this house (above). This photograph was taken last summer. It was once owned by my aunt when she was a child. Her family moved out of this home when my aunt was about 7 years old. The hardest part of the commission was…i was to paint it as she remembered…

iphone flower pictures

Alabama’s flower is the oak leaf Hydrangea  the photo below…the plant looks like the sorting hat in the Harry Potter movies.

the grown up toy store for gardeners

Something for everyone at Leaf & Petal’s Cahaba Heights location. Privately owned & operated – #buylocal         (shhh, this place is so cool, i picked up a job application (working from home can get boring)…imagine spending the day deadheading flowers!

Crestline Bagel Co.

Crestline Bagel Co. in Cahaba Heights is fantastic. When they first opened, a few months ago, i couldn’t help but wonder why the architects had decided to use pebbles in front & beside the store. Today, i found out. Leaf & Petal (my favorite nursery(s) in Birmingham) moved in next door! Crestline Bagel didn’t need…

playing with orchids

My favorite nursery, Leaf & Petal…moved into a stunning new place. I loved the ceilings in their new buildings. A lot more iphone pictures to come.

a goose, the gas station & time

My kids gave me flowers & a card this morning. They were really beautiful  (and what they’ve always gotten me, a tradition) I didn’t expect anything else. The hugs that came with them were the best part. My daughter started making lunch while i was reading in the living room.  My daughter loves to cook…

how i won the nightly homework battle

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When my oldest daughter started bringing homework home (i think i twas the third grade) our school nights became a battleground. my daughter would bring out every arsenal within her power…and it was exhausting. i dreaded homework. my daughter didn’t understand homework was non-non-negationable.  she wanted…

Cats are smarter than dogs

This is Juju (short for Judah). Stunning, isn’t he? Juju loves art. I have a dog too…he has no interest in art. He likes to lie under his hanging leash, trying to guilt me into another walk. No matter how many times i’ve walked him. I can also find him chewing rocks in my backyard….

cat won’t let me art

i have a commission to do, a beautiful little girl. Medium requested is pastel. As soon as i put the photograph on the table. Judah sits on it. Above is the photograph i took of her. Judah did leave me in peace once he realized how dusty pastels are. He knew i was finished &…