Oliver meets the big dogs

I think Nikon should test their VR NIKKOR lens in low light, while holding onto a puppies leash to see if the VR (vibration reduction) really works. Again, i am posting images that are out of focus, but they are too cute not to show. Even though my pup looks… …I got Oliver from the…

the plumber & the dog

an old friend took this photo via iphone. i loved the way the dog’s tush stuck out of the cabinet, just like the plumbers. I wanted to share the photo here. Dan Robertson is a fantastic artist, you can see more of his paintings & photographs @ http://www.droberston.com and on instagram@ yousmiledatme  

an oldie, but goodie joke (told to my Husky)

since my camera is in the shop, i’ve gone through & pulled some of my favorite photos to share (some, again) This is Nala our gorgeous Siberian Husky. We adopted her from Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue about five years ago.

she is camouflaged. right?

she is hiding in the bushes beside my garage door. i almost missed her. again, cool moments are captured with my shattered iPhone. sigh.

a boy & his dog

This is Henry & our Siberian Husky…she needs lots of hug while being brushed.

snow in June…in Alabama?!

photography by Henry Saab, my 11yr old son. i think he did a great job. as for me? I got really, really furry & dirty. But she is worth it