love the falling focus

life seen in a different ways has always interested me…no, that isn’t correct, it has always pulled at me. the catalyst was my father’s words, “Amy, because you are blind in one eye, you do not see like everyone else” my father will be the first to say, i seldom back down from a challenge….

grow what you wanna eat

these are going to become blueberries…i have five blueberry bushes, 8 years of age. you know what that means? i will have too many blueberries to eat…if you own dirt, consider planting blueberry bushes, they are beautiful & give fruit. AND they will bring big, fat bees…

just because it’s raining…

¬†just because it’s raining¬†doesn’t mean the camera should stay inside. if you LOVE black & white photography, then now is the time to create some art for your own walls. because the light is defused & the raindrops, that have landed, are reflecting the grey skies above it. so, while the rest of life remains…

looking for your dog

Your dog in concrete, may be found at Myer’s Plants & Pottery. They had about 15 different breeds. I looked for Husky or my mutt…i photographed him because he would be a mix of my two dogs together. if you found your dog, it would be highly trainable to “Stay” and hold the door open…

boys will be boys

and girls will be girls. how different we truly are. how we ever find anyone who loves us back, like we love them is quite astonishing, really.

like an angel

sleeping like an angel @ Myer’s Plants & Pottery. Pelham, Alabama

every which way i turned

i found something i wanted. i wanted all three of these wine crates/boxes. I am going back tomorrow, maybe i will get them. if i don’t, i will regret it.