it ain’t easy being green…

DSC_0052 DSC_0031

usually people chose flowers for their color. I found this green echinacea, somewhere, a few years ago & fell in love. i love its combination of lime & dark greens. i love that i have to hunt for the flowers & when i find them, among all the greens in my garden, they stop me in my tracks because once noticed, it demands to be seen.

the other photo is rain drops on an unknown leaf. i ordered seeds that had a collection meant to draw the attention of butterflies & hummingbirds. this one has yet to flower, and i can barely wait to see what it does. if you know this leaf’s name, i would love to know it.

10 thoughts on “it ain’t easy being green…

  1. It looks like a nasturtium leaf, Amy. The flowers are beautiful trumpet shaped flowers in gorgeous colours – yellow, orange, red. The flowers, I think, are edible, as I’ve seen them used as colour garnish in salads. The seeds look like wrinkly round pods, and they tend to spread quickly once they’ve come established. They’re great in pots and hanging baskets, where they can cascade downwards. Lovely! Take some pics when the flowers appear, please?


  2. It is a nasturtium leaf Amy. It is a great companion plant .. And the different coloured flowers attract different bugs. A great plant to have in the garden, but it can be a bit invasive. I have it growing in mine 😃 love the echinacea flower!


    1. OH! Yippee! Thank you so much! My mom said she forgot the name, but she said the blossoms would be orange, too. The leaves & flowers are edible to people? Or rabbits? 🙂 I can’t wait to see the flowers…oh, i can google, i always forget about that magic tool we have. Thank you, Kari! ~amy


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