the $22, 485.00 horse at the strip mall

11 thoughts on “the $22, 485.00 horse at the strip mall

    1. thank you so much, whitefleatherfloating. Photos by my phone. I found him in the most unexpected place in the world. I’m glad the store was closed, so i could hold him & feel the lines brought to life by a man or woman. So cool. ~amy


      1. It sounds like it was a wonderful experience for you! That’s great! I don’t have a phone that can take pictures that amazing. Someday I’ll upgrade……maybe. I hardly ever use my cell phone except to call home when I’m in town. )


      2. The iPhone’s camera can do better then my Nikon at times. And their editing program in photos can get pretty detailed in lighting & saturation. I hardly ever remember to put my camera in the car, even though i miss so much…I am the opposite of you. I hardly ever use my iPhone to call people, i just use it as a camera. ~amy


  1. Ohhh! Amy, he is GLORIOUS! That took my breath away. I *love* the one of you holding his head, it’s totally magical. Sigh… horses are simply awesome.


    1. Oh, Reggie, i want him, i want him (i know its a him, i looked) he looked so undignified at a strip mall. I would like him very much–who needs living room furniture anyway. AND yes, sigh…horses are simply awesome! ~amy

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