an oldie, but goodie joke (told to my Husky)

since my camera is in the shop, i’ve gone through & pulled some of my favorite photos to share (some, again) This is Nala our gorgeous Siberian Husky. We adopted her from Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue about five years ago.

a boy & his dog

This is Henry & our Siberian Husky…she needs lots of hug while being brushed.

the professor will take your questions now…

“Professor Nala, why do you have dribble on your chin?” “bite me, mom” she thought (you can tell by her expression that is what she thought, do you see it too? 🙂 photography by Henry Saab (my 11 year old son)

mini me

gosh, that is the cutest photo of Nala’s toy husky ever.

no more Angry Birds…

it has been renamed in our home. Angry Dogs now fight to rid themselves of the dreaded green pigs. The Siberian Husky is named Nala (she is a rescue from The Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue) the pup of unknown, but multiple breeds, is named Cole (adopted from The Birmingham Humane Society) it is these dogs…