koi that act like puppies @ Myer’s Plants and Pottery


Myer’s Plants & Pottery have two koi ponds. you can sit on the stones that surround the ponds. as soon as either one of us came up to the pond, they came right up to us. looking for food, but they would give us a taste too. no teeth, it doesn’t hurt, it is just really, really cool to be able to come so close.  Myer’s has BIG blue bins containing plants for ponds & two that contain two different types of Koi. the koi the size of goldfish were $8 or $9 dollars, but they did have them in all sizes. I don’t know how much these big ones cost.

However, if you have kids & nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon, take your kids to see the koi @ Myer’s Plants and Pottery in Pelham, Alabama on HWY 31. and buy some flowers or gifts, seeds, bulbs, Halloween decorations, Christmas decorations, or antiques, fairy garden stuff or a gargoyle or two. #BuyLocal!









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  1. Karen B says:

    They are wonderful!


    1. Amy Saab says:

      yes they are, Karen. Fish that let you pet them. I want a Koi pond, so i told my 12 year old son to become a rich doctor, so he could buy one as a gift. He said he would. 🙂 ~amy


      1. Karen B says:

        Good boy! He loves his Mom x


      2. Amy Saab says:

        Oh, he does. He does! I am very blessed to have a son like Henry. ~amy

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  2. Wonderful colours – no way I would put my finger in its mouth though .. 😀


    1. Amy Saab says:

      I did not know you were a chicken, Julie! They have no teeth & they just suck on your finger for a second, i suppose because it won’t come off the hand & they can’t eat that. They ponds they had were incredible. ~amy

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      1. Sometimes a huge chicken .. Lol hugs Amy


  3. Nancy Myers says:

    Beautiful pictures. Thanks for coming by yesterday. We enjoyed having you again!


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