The cat approved

Judah liked something in the flowers from the farmer’s market.

farm to table restaurants in Birmingham

There is a long list of restaurants, in Birmingham, Alabama, that use fresh produce from local farmers. ¬†By choosing a restaurant that buys it’s fresh produce from our local farmers, you are supporting two local businesses. I would suggest googling Farm to Table in Birmingham, Alabama (or your own city) next time you’re thinking of…

koi that act like puppies @ Myer’s Plants and Pottery

Myer’s Plants & Pottery have two koi ponds. you can sit on the stones that surround the ponds. as soon as either one of us came up to the pond, they came right up to us. looking for food, but they would give us a taste too. no teeth, it doesn’t hurt, it is just…

finding treasure (& eating it) in Alabama

the BEST food i’ve EVER tasted. SHINDIGS¬† i started this blog to show local, PRIVATELY OWNED, businesses in Birmingham, Alabama. i am a huge believer in BUYING LOCAL. keeping the money home. owning your own business takes immense courage…i’ve always been impressed with anyone brave enough to venture out into the world on their own….

the dirty bird

I don’t understand why they are thought of as flying rats. The clean up after us, like little street cleaners. They have an internal compass & can always find their way home. So if our power grid, satellites, communication via phones ever get knocked out by the sun…we can use them for messengers again. Their…

wood in an artist’s hands

is like watching magic. This is MY bowl that is being created. Jedd Kettler, of Kettler Woodwork, is an artist. I am lucky to have a friend such as he, am i not? While i was visiting, Jedd seemed a bit overwhelmed with orders. Not because he couldn’t make the bowls, spoons & wine racks…

portrait of a tomato

i love the circles of light bouncing off the watered grass behind this lone cherry tomato.

It’s all good

i love a place where you can have your errands done all in one place. Yes, I’d like a smoked sausage dog & some mobile home parts on the side. Because, you know? Its all good. Somewhere in Southern Alabama.