#BuyLocal @ Myer’s Plants & Pottery


my same ol’ song & dance. my heroes are private business owners. buy local means that you are improving your town or city. it means that you are supporting your neighbors. it means your keeping your money in your own town/city. the more people who support their local businesses will see their town or city thrive. wouldn’t that be incredible? return our sense of pride in where we live.

i buy all of my gifts for others, for holidays or birthday at MY local businesses. they do belong to me, because we share Birmingham with me.  they matter to me because these are people brave enough to take on the big dogs…i don’t think the Walmarts, the Home Depots, or restaurant chains need more money to buy another mansion or yacht or Island for themselves. do you? Please spread the word #BuyLocal…we really do have the power to change our very own part of the world.


These photos were taken at one of my FAVORITE places. Myer’s Plants & Pottery…i’ve had them on my blog before. I hadn’t been back in almost two years (shame on me) because of surgeries. i was very excited to go back. i went with one of my best friends, we tend to shop at fun places like this together. when we walked into the gift shop section, there was a woman beside a taste testing table. my friend went first & when i stepped up to the table, the woman asked, “Are you the woman that has the blog?” I WAS SHOCKED AND SO VERY FLATTERED! She remembered me from the last time i had taken images of her store/hursery. I had asked her permission then & explained what i would do with her photos & gave her my business card. She has been following me ever since!

Myer’s Plants & Pottery is located in Pelham on HWY 31…She has amazing stuff for Halloween & Christmas right now.

it seems the Koi remembered me as well, since they rushed to see me & kissed my fingers as though i was a princess 🙂






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  1. Reggie says:

    I love #BuyLocal, and wish we had more places like that where I live. This looks like a magical nursery… beautiful pics as always. I’m not surprised they welcome you with open arms when you return! 🙂


    1. Amy Saab says:

      You don’t have privately owned business around you, Reggie? They are all big giants, like Wal-Marts? No way, you’ve got to have something different that i don’t understand. Share? ~amy


  2. Jeff Branch says:

    My favorite photo from Myers; from a couple of years ago…


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