Zoe’s Forest Park

mannequins are way better than they are now. if you love digging for treasures, this is the store to go. ┬áIt is a consignment shop, a Vintage store, they have some very different things & to discover things you have never seen before & love is the best feeling ever. this last photo is the…

looking for your dog

Your dog in concrete, may be found at Myer’s Plants & Pottery. They had about 15 different breeds. I looked for Husky or my mutt…i photographed him because he would be a mix of my two dogs together. if you found your dog, it would be highly trainable to “Stay” and hold the door open…

boys will be boys

and girls will be girls. how different we truly are. how we ever find anyone who loves us back, like we love them is quite astonishing, really.

elephant ear pumpkins

Myer’s Plant & Pottery painted the elephant ears for the holidays. I thought they were great. the white fluffy stuff is what cotton looks like before it is picked. we have fields of it in Alabama…mostly in the southern parts.

like an angel

sleeping like an angel @ Myer’s Plants & Pottery. Pelham, Alabama

every which way i turned

i found something i wanted. i wanted all three of these wine crates/boxes. I am going back tomorrow, maybe i will get them. if i don’t, i will regret it.