Who is watching your front door?

i have an owl, whoooooooom i borrowed from my son. i found this wreath at a thrift store (thrift stores are a fantastic way to make art out of old), a few years ago, for $3. a great find, i cut the pealing red ‘berries’ off-some where showing their white undersides. i decided to make…

koi that act like puppies @ Myer’s Plants and Pottery

Myer’s Plants & Pottery have two koi ponds. you can sit on the stones that surround the ponds. as soon as either one of us came up to the pond, they came right up to us. looking for food, but they would give us a taste too. no teeth, it doesn’t hurt, it is just…

#BuyLocal @ Myer’s Plants & Pottery

my same ol’ song & dance. my heroes are private business owners. buy local means that you are improving your town or city. it means that you are supporting your neighbors. it means your keeping your money in your own town/city. the more people who support their local businesses will see their town or city thrive….

Christmas windows by iPhone

Mountain Brook Village window shopping Sunday night, when most were nestled in their beds, with dreams of sugar plums dancing in their heads.  No, that can’t be right.  Candy canes & chocolate would be better. via iPhone & numb fingers.