Dancing lizards & a crowned frog

I found these two lizards dancing in the darkest corner. I felt as though i was intruding on a very personal moment. It’s obvious they love one another.  I kissed this king. He remained a frog…just in case you wanted to try. And my boyfriend wasn’t the least bit jealous.  Lots of Easter decorations!  And…

boys will be boys

and girls will be girls. how different we truly are. how we ever find anyone who loves us back, like we love them is quite astonishing, really.

koi that act like puppies @ Myer’s Plants and Pottery

Myer’s Plants & Pottery have two koi ponds. you can sit on the stones that surround the ponds. as soon as either one of us came up to the pond, they came right up to us. looking for food, but they would give us a taste too. no teeth, it doesn’t hurt, it is just…

#BuyLocal @ Myer’s Plants & Pottery

my same ol’ song & dance. my heroes are private business owners. buy local means that you are improving your town or city. it means that you are supporting your neighbors. it means your keeping your money in your own town/city. the more people who support their local businesses will see their town or city thrive….

words are mightier than a sword

“the pen is mightier than the sword” well, of course it is. the sword was created for one thing only, to destroy. the pen…words can both destroy or create. words can contain incredible power. words can be used to decimate, dominate, debilitate & bring you to your knees. and once you’ve hit the floor, some…

Oscar loves his mason jar

the green behind the jar are the lovely green spider mums. I suppose Oscar is happy because he has diamonds on the floor

my floating gemstone

This is Oscar the 2nd. I’ve been trying to think of a fun way of displaying such a beautiful fish. I had Oscar the 1st in a tall vase beside the sink, but he jumped out…and dried out. But today, i saw my mason jar on the counter. Brilliant idea! I bought fake plastic diamonds…

a fishtastic commission!

This is one of the best commissions I ever had. i love painting for grown ups, but…for children?! The very best jobs I’ve had–have been commissions for children. It is a time for me to play, to create things that children would point to & laugh at. Dr. Stephanie Steinmetz of Steinmetz Pediatric Dentistry & Dr….

2me4art project!

1. Watercolor paper. color a big swirl on one half of paper, using one color of OIL PASTEL. other side of paper, use another color & make another swirl in OIL PASTEL. i picked orange & purple. 2. paint– with WATERCOLOR paint, the colors that are closest to the OIL PASTEL color…i painted my purple…

art class decoupaged birdhouses

the boys that made these were 6 & 7 years old. Pick a theme, find illustrations/scrapbook paper, magazines, cut out, paint birdhouse close to theme color, let dry, then use Mod Podge on the back of image, apply to birdhouse, again apply Mod Podge on top…when all images are on, paint 2 coats of Mod…