Crestline Bagel Co.

Crestline Bagel Co. in Cahaba Heights is fantastic. When they first opened, a few months ago, i couldn’t help but wonder why the architects had decided to use pebbles in front & beside the store. Today, i found out. Leaf & Petal (my favorite nursery(s) in Birmingham) moved in next door! Crestline Bagel didn’t need…

low light can do some pretty cool things

the focus falls fast when shooting in low light. Low light behaves a bit like a portrait lens…I love this beaded tree. Myer’s Plant and Pottery Pelham, Alabama

Dancing lizards & a crowned frog

I found these two lizards dancing in the darkest corner. I felt as though i was intruding on a very personal moment. It’s obvious they love one another.  I kissed this king. He remained a frog…just in case you wanted to try. And my boyfriend wasn’t the least bit jealous.  Lots of Easter decorations!  And…

#BuyLocal @ Myer’s Plants & Pottery

my same ol’ song & dance. my heroes are private business owners. buy local means that you are improving your town or city. it means that you are supporting your neighbors. it means your keeping your money in your own town/city. the more people who support their local businesses will see their town or city thrive….