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the BEST food i’ve EVER tasted. SHINDIGS 

i started this blog to show local, PRIVATELY OWNED, businesses in Birmingham, Alabama. i am a huge believer in BUYING LOCAL. keeping the money home. owning your own business takes immense courage…i’ve always been impressed with anyone brave enough to venture out into the world on their own. chain stores/grocery stores/restaurants…remind me of the game monopoly and sharks. big business moves into our neighborhoods & they devour our small ones. these small businesses are our real neighbors, they live beside us. for our neighborhood businesses to survive, we must support them & in return? we benefit in a huge way, we create our towns & cities, improving them. by supporting one another, Birmingham (or your town/city) could be more beautiful & happier, successful place to live.

Shindigs is a local business, they support our farmers, our local brewery companies. they keep our money home.

And i was handed food, to sample, as they set up for the party. HOLY MOLY…if you live in the Birmingham area & are looking for someone to cater your event… might i suggest SHINDIGS? your guests will be well fed with the best food this side of Heaven. IMG_3263 IMG_3260 IMG_3255 IMG_3216 IMG_3229 IMG_3253 IMG_3252 IMG_3236 IMG_3240 IMG_3261

sorry for the lack of quality in the above images. i had only my phone on hand…

5 thoughts on “finding treasure (& eating it) in Alabama

  1. Wish this was closer to me too and what a GREAT name for a catering business. Also the phone images are fine. You’ve created something with a distinct atmosphere and consistency with your handling and use of the images.


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