finding treasure (& eating it) in Alabama

the BEST food i’ve EVER tasted. SHINDIGSĀ  i started this blog to show local, PRIVATELY OWNED, businesses in Birmingham, Alabama. i am a huge believer in BUYING LOCAL. keeping the money home. owning your own business takes immense courage…i’ve always been impressed with anyone brave enough to venture out into the world on their own….

blue butterflies on glass

the reason Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers is because the individual blossoms, that make one large ball, look like butterflies. sweet as butterfly kisses.

overcast light

for this old blossom still holding it’s color. a gift from Suzanne’s garden.

Steel bars covering glass & bone

I use a program to try & make my images look as they did in life. I wish I could fix the world just as easily. Steel bars with the offer of hot wings behind them. A security camera painted green so as to blend into the roof. I don’t live near places like this….

and all I had was my iPhone

I, being the perfect daughter (dripping sarcasm, i write), visited with my mother (i am blessed) on Mother’s day. No camera, only iPhone (Ggrrr). I should know by now that I should never go home…(oops) to my parent’s house, without my (damn) camera. My mom made this piece of art (that I left behind šŸ˜¦…