a fishtastic commission!

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This is one of the best commissions I ever had. i love painting for grown ups, but…for children?! The very best jobs I’ve had–have been commissions for children. It is a time for me to play, to create things that children would point to & laugh at.

Dr. Stephanie Steinmetz of Steinmetz Pediatric Dentistry & Dr. Carl Walker Orthodontics…feel the same way about the children that come into their practice. Dr. Stephanie has had artists create murals, chairs, signs, paintings for the children that come to see her. One of the rooms for children to play in has a fish mural from floor to ceiling. Against one wall is a GIANT fish tank. Dr. Steinmetz wanted to have a fresh, new idea for the fish tank. We came up with Fish Town.

Steinmetz Pediatric Dentistry & Dr. Carl Walker Orthodontics are located in Birmingham, Alabama.

Alabamians are HUGE fans of our college football teams…if you live in Alabama, you have to be an Alabama or an Auburn fan. The children that have come to my studio, for art classes, are our critics, I’ve been showing them the fish every week…the kids LOVE the ‘Fishball players’ the most.

The fish are almost complete, i have to paint both sides of the fish, because they will be suspended with wire, in the empty tank. The tank can be seen by two sides. One side faces the waiting room, the other side, is in the room with the fish mural. The fish mural room is illuminated with a black light. The fish on her walls are painted with glow-in-the-dark paint & paint made for a black light. The side of the fish above, are painted for the daytime. I will paint the other side with the black light paint. FishTown will have buildings, a school of Dentistry (the fish with the glasses is a professor), fish with braces, familiar Birmingham sites (the shark is a monument, his story will come later)


perhaps i should have an ‘Amy Saab Art Studio’ in there too? I’ll have to ask. 🙂

18 thoughts on “a fishtastic commission!

    1. Hi Reggie! I am very, very, very lucky to land such a wonderful commission. I do hope when its complete, i can photograph it inside the fish tank & other children doctors will want to make their patients happy with funny fish as well! ~amy

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    1. The Shark is going to be a monument for a hero of FishTown. He will be memorialized for all time because of his heroic deeds…saving fish from the dreaded fishhook! HA…i love being a kid again. Thank you so much! ~amy

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    1. Hi Jan, thank you so much! I LOVE this project because i get to think like a child again. PLUS, i am lucky to have art class students come to the studio everyday to deliver the advice. They seem to be my best critics!!! ~amy

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  1. Fantastic commission with fantastic results! I’m beyond happy for you Amy, I mean you living your dream and that is so amazing! Love it, love it, the idea, the concept, the impact that will have on the children, the community, perfect! Love the fishes and I pick the shark, is that the perfect model or what with a mouthful of teeth, brilliant!


    1. Thank you, Eva! The shark…i had to think of a way to make him look like a statue/monument…what would fish build one from? Well, sand & sea shells, right? So i used Mod Podge & covered him with my leftover glitter i collect from past projects. I added layers to give him a little form, then Mod Podged again & painted him a stone/shark color. I do have sketches of fish with teeth, i’ve yet to make one yet, other then the professor. In my approved sketches i do have a shark with braces on. The kids love the drawing. I think i will use real wire between his scary fangs… I’ve done work for adults, and i’ve been complimented by them…but when i make things for kids, their response is so excited & genuine, it makes me feel happier to create for them! ~amy

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    1. Thank you, Peggy! I am having the best time. I love thinking like a child…and seeking the advice from some. The children LOVE telling me what they like & what i should make. A boy told me i needed to add Sponge Bob! I know that would get a laugh. ~amy

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  2. Oh Amy, I am so excited for you and so proud of you! I love the way that this is a community project and how you are drawing in the children to help. This is a really good project, and you get paid! Brilliant! I mean to get paid for having fun.


    1. Hi Karen! I am so happy with this commission. I really needed something childish to do with all the drama in my life right now. I’ve missed you, but i’ve not been blogging much with all my art classes & commissions to do. I’ve missed it. My camera is going into the hospital for a time, too. Ugh! I cannot stand not having one. I feel like i lost my best friend. I hope you are doing well. ~amy


      1. Oh Amy! Losing your camera, even for a short time will be so terrible! I think it was Gretchen who said to me that “what does not kill us makes us stronger”. I think she is right, but it is hard….Karen.

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