things that shine

i love light that bounces around. all images taken at Leaf & Petal in Mountain Brook Village, Alabama. i love blue cool art project for kids, not as fancy though mouse? i think it would help if you stood just a wee bit closer?  pear-y nice.

she is mine.

we went shopping in a part of town where we could only afford the lemonade. Mountain Brook Village, Alabama

finding treasure (& eating it) in Alabama

the BEST food i’ve EVER tasted. SHINDIGS¬† i started this blog to show local, PRIVATELY OWNED, businesses in Birmingham, Alabama. i am a huge believer in BUYING LOCAL. keeping the money home. owning your own business takes immense courage…i’ve always been impressed with anyone brave enough to venture out into the world on their own….

a Husky, a creek & two swat team agents

doing what boys & dogs are meant to do… Nala, my Husky, has never been down to the creek, it seemed too steep for her to climb down. I brought a long lead, tied her to a steal bench on the embankment above the creek. As soon as she saw her boy down there, she…

i will return on TUESDAY

I love small villages scattered around Birmingham, Alabama. This is Crestline Village in Mountain Brook.

many suns

all the size of a half dollar, sitting on the counter, in Leaf & Petal in the Village of Mountain Brook