the things people make

This isn’t everything i saw that day. The Pepper Place Farmer’s Market was a sprawling plethora of eye candy. Here are some of the local artists that set up camp that Saturday morning.  This is what America doesn’t know about Alabama…the good stuff.

Art cats & their creators…

The girls are my Friday Afternoon art class. This is the completion of their amazing drawings of their cats. Doodle cats W/color

a fishtastic commission!

This is one of the best commissions I ever had. i love painting for grown ups, but…for children?! The very best jobs I’ve had–have been commissions for children. It is a time for me to play, to create things that children would point to & laugh at. Dr. Stephanie Steinmetz of Steinmetz Pediatric Dentistry & Dr….

my great grandfather “carried a museum in his pocket”

In 1923 the “Royal Society of Miniature Painters” (England) changed their name (with the King (King George VI ?)of England’s approval) to “The Royal Society of Miniature Painters and Sculptures” to allow one American, my great Grandfather, Louis Rosenthal. Louis Rosenthal (1888-1964) was a famous sculpture. These pieces i photographed belong to his Grandson, my…