My Bat Mitzvah speech or how we conquered Dragons

First time I’ve read this in years and i still cry

making it up as i go

ImageI was asked by my Rabbi if I wished to say something wonderful about my daughter for her Bat Mitzvah. For him to ask me, was a standard question. But for me, it was akin to asking me to fight dragons.  I told him I would think about it.  I used this delaying tactic for a few months.  I didn’t say no, which meant, I wasn’t a bad Mom & I didn’t say yes, so I wasn’t  going to throw up on his shoes. Finally, time ran out & he needed an answer.  Yes or No? “Yes” I surprised myself by saying. I wonder who gave me that last little push.  It was Hannah, the night before, she had said, “If I have to go up there, you have to go up there.”  I thought, how dare I ask my child to do something, when I myself lack the courage…

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