Dancing lizards & a crowned frog

I found these two lizards dancing in the darkest corner. I felt as though i was intruding on a very personal moment. It’s obvious they love one another.  I kissed this king. He remained a frog…just in case you wanted to try. And my boyfriend wasn’t the least bit jealous.  Lots of Easter decorations!  And…

Koi store for grown ups

Myer’s Plant and Pottery sells Koi of all sizes & colors. They also sell plants for your pond.  Located in Pelham, Alabama

blue glass @ Myer’s Plant & Pottery

a visual feast can be found at Myer’s Plant & Pottery. They have everything from Koi to fairies to plants. I took a lot of photos on Sunday. More to come.

even in death…

You’re awesome! This is a Juncus Effusus “Spiralis” or “corkscrew rush”…or a few other names i’m not going to list. This is a perennial, best planted in a container or as a houseplant. I’ve been told it becomes more wavy with less light.

the solo kitten

I’ve had a lot of trouble with my neck for a very long time. Most days i spent on the couch. Bored & angry at my inability to contribute anything to anyone. I was very depressed at being so useless…except one day in December, I heard meowing at my front door. It was a kitten….

beautiful monsters

I confess i am a monster murderer. I don’t mean to. I have a green thumb…but orchids take one look around my house & begin to give up the ghost. I have to keep them via photos. These images were taken at Sweet Pea Garden Shop, Homewood, Alabama. with my iphone.

the mischievous Gatsby

Do you want to play a game? No, thank you, sir. Focus is soft, but i am showing it anyway because he looks like he has a Santa beard. One curtain down, the other to go. I’ve never had a cat that really knocked things of flat surfaces before. I’ve owned lots of cats over…

sailing in Alabama?

To sail on an Alabama lake, you have to wait for late fall, early spring (& sometimes on mild winter days.) The air doesn’t move in summer. Summer in Alabama is a sauna. The reflection, caused by the dotted clouds above, looked amazing reflected in the water. I had told my southern friend how wonderful…