The enchanted forest

Here be dragons. There is a park in Montevallo, Alabama…who’s name i could not find written (i know, google it)because on that storm to come day, the park felt like i fell down a rabbit hole into a fairytale story.

I blurred the images to make the images look like it felt.DSC_7224DSC_7238DSC_7236DSC_7234DSC_7231DSC_7230DSC_7239DSC_7241DSC_7242DSC_7245DSC_7260DSC_7261DSC_7264DSC_7266DSC_7268DSC_7270DSC_7223DSC_7259DSC_7227DSC_7222DSC_7221



There is a creek that runs in front on it. people were swimming there. I don’t think i would’ve put a toe into the brown, churning, cauldron of god-only-knows-what-lived-in-there water.  Ugh, i guess i’m an old snob now. I would have done what this kid did when i was his age.


and yes, his friends were telling him he was being photographed & jump already.

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  1. Really enjoyed the photos! Thanks!


    1. I really appreciate you looking at them!

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