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You know, if one of my parents could photographed me like this, at this age, i’d think it was kinda cool. My kids? They’ve had a camera in their faces their whole life. The final photos impress them NOT at all!

Have camera, must shoot. This is my soon to be senior in high school daughter. She is brilliant with mathematics (Europeans hate the USA calling it math) and is talking about going into finance. She is brilliant, sweet, empathetic, generous…i love her.

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  1. chuck jones says:

    Have not seen any other post lately. Hope your doing well and having a fun summer.


    1. Wow, that comment is a compliment! I’ve been painting a mural that is eating up all my time! I hope to play with my camera soon. Thank you, Chuck! ~amy


  2. chuck jones says:

    Great photos! She will love them more as she gets older.

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  3. Such a pretty girl and very photogenic!!


    1. Thank you so much!! She is also an amazing person, i’m really lucky. ~amy

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  4. Babs robertson says:


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    1. Thank you, Babs…she is perfectly wonderful! ~amy

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  5. Linda Corliss says:

    That wonderful face ! Linda

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    1. She is something! Thank you! ~amy

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