my Bat Mitzvah speech to my daughter

My oldest daughter. Crying. She is almost 21. Double
Major finance and accounting. She still blows me away

making it up as i go


Most people fall into categories to define who they are. I believe it is my nature to try to simplify my life by putting labels on things and on people.

I tried to do so with you.

When you were 2, I once watched you stack your wooden blocks into towers, red up, animals down. I saw that you liked order, which meant that you are like your father. I felt relief because i could understand you better…but then you stood up with this wicked look in your eye, smiled a wicked smile & walked through all that perfection like a giant villain, a destroyer of worlds, leaving chaos in your wake.

And I thought, “Oh, she is like me!”

But you are not.

When I think back to the beginning of you, I realized my life had been a series of wishes. I wished for your to be strong…

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