Cedar Creek Nursery


This is a very cool place. They have an antique store, a gift shop that has EVERYTHING & the flowers. oh, and the shop cat. A great place to spend an hour & some money. The address is 2979 Hwy 119,  Montevallo, Alabama 35115. Its privately owned & operated. #buylocal

Here are the fake flowers in the gift shop…which has clothing, Christmas stuff, Soaps, Alabama & Auburn football stuff, jewelry, cutting boards, mugs, etc.


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  1. conspicari says:

    Lovely colours and images, the shop cat looks a character.

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, the cat (who worked there) got frisky as i took his photo. i chose the one where his tail started flicking me in warning of invading his personal space 🙂 Thank you! ~amy

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  2. daleducatte says:

    Excellent photos, they provide a really strong sense of what it’s like to spend some time there.

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    1. Wow, that is nice of you to say! Thank you. ~amy

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