the cat who wished to paint

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my Thursday afternoon art class. three kids, they have no pets of their own. last week was their first class & i told them that Hobbes (my cat)  LOVES art more than anything. but, last week, they were a bit scared of him, i had to lock him out of the room. yesterday was their 2nd class & they felt much more comfortable knowing that Hobbes just wanted to watch them create art. they were not quite ready for him to jump up on the table, so Hobbes watched them, from my desk, behind the art table.

then…i told them, that if Hobbes had a fairy godmother, he would wish for thumbs. the kids (are in kindergarten & 1st grade) asked me why would he wish for thumbs…”so that he could hold a paintbrush & paint right along beside you”

after that, Hobbes could stay on the art table & watch them paint.

when kids come to my class, they all inform me that they KNOW how to paint. i ask them if they know how to watch the paint? i always get puzzled looks.  after the watercolor paint is brushed onto the paper, simply covering it, ‘the going to school way’, a means to an end, cover the paper.  it is then, that i show them how to watch the paint. i put puddles of color on their paper & ask them to pick the paper up & we watch the colors run into one another & create rivers of new color. it is NOT the end result, its the process of creating that is pure magic.

the boy’s painting above is an example of, first just brushing color onto the paper, the more saturated colors are after the lesson of watching & SEEING what colors can do. 

but the sun had already turned the corner…


I had placed this vase of tulips, out of the way, because of little art students arriving for class. when the class was over, the sun had left the room’s window. the sunlight hit a piece of glass i had on my windowsill & reflected the sun into one strong ray of light…that touched only my tulips. a totally random & fantastic gift to see. the sunlight lit up the tulips like the sun itself, tulips that had been put out of the way, had become, for about five minutes, the center of the everything in the room.