Louis Rosenthal sculpture (my great-grandfather)

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He is my Great grandfather. I was lucky enough to photograph a private collection. Someday…i hope to own some.

http://www.louisrosenthalmuseum.org for more info on this treasure of my past.

When the cat’s away …

Amy Saab:

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Andrew has an aversion to pruning – well specifically fruit tree pruning. So the way I look at it is this, when the cat’s away, the mice will play. And as he has gone away with some good buddies on a surfing jaunt OS, I have had a nice time in the orchard pruning!

muriwai beach sept 14-1080450

Yes, I finally pruned those pear, apples and quince trees and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience too! Sorry AB. But rest assured, it was a tiny trim.

Pruning now done and dusted … on to important things.


We had a stunning spring day yesterday – heaven sent. But today, there is more of the same Auckland weather, overcast with intermittent drizzle.

Grumbling aside, today I have decided to poke some cucurbit seeds into their own pots. As these are good sized seeds, I shan’t bother sieving the planting mix. These seedlings won’t have a problem shoving aside…

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Siberian Huskies in Alabama…


This is Nala. Nala is an indoor dog during the ghastly hot summers in Alabama. She is usually clean…bright white & silver fur. The temps have fallen & we have a breeze. I’ve been putting Nala outside & her instinct to dig a hole to lay down in, is in a Huskies nature. That is what they do when the ground is covered deep with snow. I keep posting photos of her dirty, because it is so different for me to see her acting like a dog.

Isn’t she stunning?