Alabama Biscuit…

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i haven’t posted any locally owned & operated establishments lately…i ate here yesterday. I’ve always thought of biscuits as greasy & extremely unhealthy. I was shocked to find that this wonderful coffee shop’s food was healthy. it appeared that all the food had been grown in Alabama, the honey from our fat Alabama honey bees…

If you are lucky enough to have a coffee shop, owned by a neighbor, visit frequently. Buy local supports your local economy & your local farmers. You are helping to improve your own lives when you keep the money home. This coffee shop, Alabama Biscuit, is one of those businesses & i plan on spending as much time in here as possible.

Located in Cahaba Heights, Alabama (iphone pics)

Hey Birmingham, guess what we’ve got!!

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an amazing new LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED coffee & biscuit place to enjoy. #buy_local support your local business & then we will all thrive. right??  Alabama Biscuit is located in Cahaba Heights. I saw local honey, spelt, jams & jelly. All healthy food. The first photo is my breakfast. It filled me up, but i wanted more because it was so yummy.mine was Alabama honey & Alabama Almond butter with Chai iced tea.


ps-i only had my iPhone for photos