the art critic

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This is Hobbes, my cat. He loves to eat, sleep and ART CLASS. Hobbes jumps on the art table while i’m teaching children. He watches, tries to pick up a pencil. He is looking at a baby foot print (4 month old baby)

Some girls decided we should make Hobbes. I chose Zen Doodling b/c the girls are 6-9 years old. This is my example. We are going to cut the Hobbes out when he is complete & place him on a painting we create…soon. Anyway, if you are stressed & loved to doodle as a child, it is now a form of art. Just google Zen doodle & see all the amazing things people have created. You really can’t mess it up, thus no stress picking up a blank sheet of paper. When you begin, you Zen-out.

Vermont through his eyes

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I live in Alabama. Sunday afternoon, i spent working in my gardens–because it was 68 degrees. i had perennials peeking up through the dirt, and yet…i envied Kip’s thigh deep Vermont snow.

I love Kip’s photography & he is generous enough to share them with me.