free art at your local farmer’s market


The free art part involves your camera. The colors of the flowers, fruit, veggies & people are so vibrant, it’s hard to take a bad photograph. Great photos for your instagram account or whatever social media you like best. Besides, its very important to support your local farmers. You cannot find fresher food than at your local farmer’s market. #buylocal

Montevallo, Alabama

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  1. The produce looks amazing … we have farmers markets here too! Great shots Amy ..

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    1. I grew up in Vermont, where there was always farmer’s markets on Saturdays. When i moved to Alabama, there was only one & it was on the scary side of town. Finally, Birmingham, Alabama became cool & we have a lot now. I love how everyone sets up their tables…that is art! thank you! ~amy

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  2. loisajay says:

    I have to take better photos at my Farmer’s Market. These are great, Amy.

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    1. i highly recommend it!! These farmer’s are awesome at setting up their stands. art sitting right there! Thank you loisajay! ~amy

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