wee African Violets

I love buds. I used to be upset whenever i bought mums & the buds refused to open. NOW, i use them in the arrangement because they look like small little balls. I’ll show soon. These were very small African Violets.

dazzle me wee roses

I’ve never liked large vases, filled to overflowing, with flowers. Large bouquets can overwhelm a space, divide a table…and the flowers can drown out one another. I look for small vases, or shot glasses or even dollhouse sized vases (there is one 1″ vase holding one small rose on the second image) I like smaller…

how to bring short stemmed FLOWERS INSIDE…

Almost everyone buys a few flowers for outside in the springtime. A side effect to spring fever, i think. We plant them in beds and in pots. But few flowers come with a long stem for our standard size vases. So those who leave their flowers outside, enjoy them for a few seconds as they…

my garden shines

wow. changes happen overnight…i suppose the expression, “When nature calls” it means something completely different for me. i feel the need to go outside every morning to see what is new.

my first roses stun me

these are Joseph’s coat roses. The bloom color can vary from rose to rose…most tend to lean this color.