The enchanted forest

Here be dragons. There is a park in Montevallo, Alabama…who’s name i could not find written (i know, google it)because on that storm to come day, the park felt like i fell down a rabbit hole into a fairytale story. I blurred the images to make the images look like it felt.     There…

Cedar Creek Nursery

This is a very cool place. They have an antique store, a gift shop that has EVERYTHING & the flowers. oh, and the shop cat. A great place to spend an hour & some money. The address is 2979 Hwy 119,  Montevallo, Alabama 35115. Its privately owned & operated. #buylocal Here are the fake flowers…

free art at your local farmer’s market

The free art part involves your camera. The colors of the flowers, fruit, veggies & people are so vibrant, it’s hard to take a bad photograph. Great photos for your instagram account or whatever social media you like best. Besides, its very important to support your local farmers. You cannot find fresher food than at…

pieces of music

this was a bunch of college boys just playing…God only knows what, at the Montevallo Art Walk.

Cool blue wall art

i thought it looked so cool reflected on my black car. LOVE finding art like this. SURPRISED at finding art like this in Montevallo Alabama…next to a McDonald’s.