oak leaf hydrangea every season

fall & winter & early spring Spring the flowers come in green and here they are at their summer best… Oak Leaf Hydrangea is Alabama’s state flower. They can be found wild or planted in one’s own land. The reason people plant them for their own is obvious.

wee African Violets

I love buds. I used to be upset whenever i bought mums & the buds refused to open. NOW, i use them in the arrangement because they look like small little balls. I’ll show soon. These were very small African Violets.

Dancing lizards & a crowned frog

I found these two lizards dancing in the darkest corner. I felt as though i was intruding on a very personal moment. It’s obvious they love one another.  I kissed this king. He remained a frog…just in case you wanted to try. And my boyfriend wasn’t the least bit jealous.  Lots of Easter decorations!  And…

beautiful monsters

I confess i am a monster murderer. I don’t mean to. I have a green thumb…but orchids take one look around my house & begin to give up the ghost. I have to keep them via photos. These images were taken at Sweet Pea Garden Shop, Homewood, Alabama. with my iphone.

dazzle me wee roses

I’ve never liked large vases, filled to overflowing, with flowers. Large bouquets can overwhelm a space, divide a table…and the flowers can drown out one another. I look for small vases, or shot glasses or even dollhouse sized vases (there is one 1″ vase holding one small rose on the second image) I like smaller…

why Water Lilies are twice as bright

Water Lilies appear to contain fire at their center, they glow. These flowers are so different from other flowers we normally see. It took me awhile to figure out why. I blame it on the sun…and the water the flower floats upon. The flowers are lit up by the sun, twice. Once from above and then…