Farmer’s Market in Birmingham, Alabama


As a former Vermonter, i was used to Farmer’s Markets. My favorite thing to do on a Saturday Morning, in Burlington, Vermont, was to grab breakfast. Usually i bought a loaf of homemade bread & some cheese to go with it. i could eat it sitting on Church Street watching the people go by. The Farmer’s Market was always different. I could find fruits & veggies, art, flowers, hot sauces, honey, maple syrup, flowers, candles, wood carvers…anything really. All made by Vermonters. I loved seeing & then supporting the local farmers, the bakers & the cheese makers.

Every Saturday felt like a festival.

When i arrived in Birmingham, Alabama in 1993…i was lost. The city of Birmingham looked abandoned. Restaurants were Meat & threes (choice of meat & veggies floating in some form of liquid) or Bar-B-Ques, or fast food. There were Farmer’s Markets, but none like i was used to. Happily, times have changed. The young have taken over the city. People have become foodies…and the Pepper Place Farmer’s Market looks like home.

A Farmer’s Market is a festival, with music, cool people, & great food. Everyone is invited. Support your local farmers.

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