Farmer’s Market in Birmingham, Alabama

As a former Vermonter, i was used to Farmer’s Markets. My favorite thing to do on a Saturday Morning, in Burlington, Vermont, was to grab breakfast. Usually i bought a loaf of homemade bread & some cheese to go with it. i could eat it sitting on Church Street watching the people go by. The…

the Friend Ship lollipop

i added going for a sail on this boat to my bucket list.  Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont

turn your back from the sun

and you may find the light reflected back at you anyway. Burlington, Vermont…boardwalk on the shore of Lake Champlain

watching the sun dance

on the shore of Lake Champlain, Vermont. The light was interrupted only by the masts of the sailboats.

with my back to the sunset

i saw this. storm clouds had gathered over downtown Burlington, Vermont…the clouds had not reached Lake Champlain yet. the sunlight burned yellow/peach into the dark blue storm clouds, like nothing i’d ever seen.

the photography lesson

this building is the same color, but the grey/blue side is in shade, while the red box sign is being hit with late afternoon sunlight. When shooting in the shade, adding yellow will help to bring the color back to what your eyes saw, not what the camera does. Church Street, Burlington, Vermont