Farmer’s Market in Birmingham, Alabama

As a former Vermonter, i was used to Farmer’s Markets. My favorite thing to do on a Saturday Morning, in Burlington, Vermont, was to grab breakfast. Usually i bought a loaf of homemade bread & some cheese to go with it. i could eat it sitting on Church Street watching the people go by. The…

No Christmas & Chanukah mixing this year…instead

it will be Thanksgiving & Chanukah with a splash of football. So how does one decorate? Instead of blue & white Chanukah candles, it will be red, orange, yellow & brown candles.  I suppose I should be grateful I found some.

looks like something out of an old Western

Instead of siding, it should be canvas on a covered wagon 1800 something. But it is in Alabama 2013. It’s where my husband’s family camp, where we fish, bar-b-que made on a real dig-a-hole-in-the-dirt-pile-some-rocks & slap that meat down on… I don’t know what the metal thing is or where it came from, but it…

Can you bring balance & peace to the earth & football?

My perfect purple corn flower. Not really I cropped out the damage to half the petals

My way of getting rid of the imperfection in flowers anyway. I went to Leaf & Petal & told them that daisies & my blackened Susans are beginning to flower. The green part came out of the dirt perfectly, then as in every year, the tops got holes in their leaves & flowers came up already looking half-way gone. Leaf & Petal told me to put “this stuff created by Univeristy of Alabama made, which is so strange, because you’d expect something like this from the University of Auburn to make something like this.” This makes sense to mostly Alabamians really. Bama is a business school & Auburn is an agricultural school. Everyone in Alabama has a favorite team whether they’ve attended or not. Each unliked team is spoken of in contempt UNLESS one team is NOT playing a game at all, then most of the state will watch the other team play a game & route for their rival because they remember only then, that its just a game & we are all from Alabama.

Strangest damn thing. When I arrived I was ordered by my Aunt & Uncle, both had or was working at a completely different school, University of Alabama at Birmingham-mostly known as nursing, medical school, anyway I was told that my favorite team & school was University of Alabama, where the “Bear” (famous) coach played. I just answered ok.
Alabama is known as the Bible belt, because of the Baptists. Time does change somethings. Some of the Yankees invaded for UAB known as one of the best Medical schools around. People from all over the world came for Business, medicine or agriculture/arts at our colleges. It is cheaper to live in the South. So the Yankees are coming. a/c was invented & more Yankees have come to live.

We have all been welcomed with a “Hi, where ya from?” People mostly don’t care, if its to attend a University. Second question, “Ya for Alabama or Auburn.” Most say Alabama, because it obviously sounds the safest. If you tell this to an Auburn fan, they usually just grunt & move on.

If you come to Alabama to do physical work, I wouldn’t recommend it. Latino’s are not welcome by the local governments, but people who ask them to work for practically nothing, don’t mind the Latinos. Kinda like a long time ago, when Abraham sent the Yankees down & changed a few things. Then in the 60’s, when the Yankees came again, leading that group was Martin Luther King. He was trying to remind everyone what Jesus said, what the constitutions said, what the Magna Carta said. We are all People in God’s eyes.

I see hope for both the holes in my plants & the closed minds of native Alabamians. Both will take time to fix. Bring nature of man & earth to balance.
The holes & damage is being caused by moles, so we put some Bama made organic stinky stuff in the red dirt.
As far as opening closed minds, maybe attending a football game & sitting beside someone from another country with different believes & both people sharing a love of their football team. Bama’s gonna kick some ass. Or Auburn.

A relative of the Magnolia tree I think, I forgot to look at the name

A relative of the Magnolia tree, I forgot to look at the name but I'm sure it was Magnolia bush

Real Magnolia’s flower in the winter here, The trees can become insanely big, not high but in diameter wider then a house, like a Southern Bell’s Ball gown. Should have looked it up for you, but the point of this little…note is about my Grandmother ( a three year Alabamian (?) a 3rd generation Vermonter, all the other generations were from Scotland.) When she first moved down here to be with us. I moved first, one brother, parents, Grammy. She said, “I want to see a Magnolia tree” I told her they bloom in the winter, big white blossoms that last a minute, then look like a football players dirty white socks. My grandmother rolled her eyes. “And in the spring, all the deadly dagger leaves turn brown, just when the world is turning green in the spring, kinda looks like dirty laundry all over spring green grass” Grammy rolled her eyes & shook her head. “I want to yell at people to hurry up & get your yard man over to clean that up….everyone has a yard man, Grammy” Grammy laughed & shook her head. “but the thing is the trees shed their leaves for over a month, they are like a spiteful princess, I mean they flower to catch your eye, then the blossoms turn dirty white to make us frown, then just as the tulips, daffodils & pansies are in their glory, the Magnolia gets becomes not green with envy, but brown with anger”. One spring day, my Grammy says, “You were right” “About what?”( I’m never right.) “the Magnolia, I do not like that tree, blossoms do look like dirty gym socks.” We laughed so hard that day. She passed away. For me, that Magnolia makes me remember. We agreed that the tree was being a jealous, spiteful, spoiled southern beauty Queen. When the blossoms are white then are dirty gym socks. I smile, I remember, then I cry, because I remember.