The cat approved

Judah liked something in the flowers from the farmer’s market.

Farmer’s Market in Birmingham, Alabama

As a former Vermonter, i was used to Farmer’s Markets. My favorite thing to do on a Saturday Morning, in Burlington, Vermont, was to grab breakfast. Usually i bought a loaf of homemade bread & some cheese to go with it. i could eat it sitting on Church Street watching the people go by. The…

take the peas from the pods

or the lima beans…at Murphree’s Market & Garden Center in Birmingham, Alabama. An open Market of fresh, locally grown fruits & veggies.

Alabama fire college is on 18 wheels

I was at the Summit’s Farmer’s Market yesterday & this truck drove by. SO Cool 1. the Summit has a Farmer’s Market on Fridays FIVE MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE!!!. ¬†2. There is such a thing as a Fire College!

i found peace @ the farmer’s market

Saturday morning, Montpelier farmer’s market Montpelier, Vermont no matter the state in which you live (happy state?), your city must have a farmer’s market that supports your local farmers. ¬†nothing better for your body, then local food, honey (i heard that honey made from our local bees will help with allergies, wouldn’t that bee cool…