light paints me different colors

DSC_9761DSC_9764DSC_9793DSC_9763DSC_9859DSC_9761DSC_9761 (1)the same flowers shot at different times of day, shot w/ different sunlight-the outside images were shot in the early morning, with the sun just starting to reach over the top of the hill, in front of my house. the image of the flowers in the vase were taken in my kitchen, the light source was indirect/diffused light through the windows mid afternoon. the more accurate color, via my eyeballs, are the images taken in the morning, however i did add yellow/red to counter the blue left by the absence of direct sunlight…so i will add one more of the same image not corrected. cool, huh? this is the stunning Ranunculus.

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  1. ngfayeng says:

    The colour! Stunning


    1. one of my most favorite flowers. the nursery closest to my house usually has at least one Ranunculus every spring. for some reason i only ever see one. perhaps they buy it for me ๐Ÿ™‚ Ranunculus doesn’t like Alabama…they love the cooler north. i cannot get the bulbs to grow into flowers, the green comes up, then they croak. Thank you! ~amy

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  2. Lovely photographs….it’s amazing to see the different light-infused images.


    1. i’ve been color correcting images, first with film, since 1987. the things i’ve learned, about light in that time, still astonish me. Never stop learning. Thank you! ~amy

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  3. These are gorgeous! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. the ranunculus is a stunner. this one plant is the richest color ive have had the pleasure of buying. the flower doesn’t like the warm Alabama weather, they want to be cool…thanks! ~amy

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