light paints me different colors

the same flowers shot at different times of day, shot w/ different sunlight-the outside images were shot in the early morning, with the sun just starting to reach over the top of the hill, in front of my house. the image of the flowers in the vase were taken in my kitchen, the light source…

orange tulips waving goodbye

i bought these tulips, for my daughter, on her birthday. The greens matched her walls, as did the vase, but the bright orange? Well, they packed a wallop, didn’t they?

standing out orange

the first photo has stunningly orange flowers. the second photo is of orange blossoms…someday soon, with luck & love, they too, will be orange.

yesterday’s pick

The weather called for hail, high wind & a pounding rain. I wasn’t going to let these flowers endure that kind of punishment. Better they get put into vases to make my house more beautiful.

little glass bowl of sunshine

I love this vase, I found it at the thrift store, a place where if you dig deep enough you can find treasures. Just make sure you shower when you get home!