ever thought about sushi burritos?

IMG_7204IMG_7190IMG_7188IMG_7196IMG_7202IMG_7203IMG_7198IMG_7199IMG_7194IMG_7195IMG_7191IMG_7201The guys here did. If you are bored of normal food & want to try the untried? Birmingham, eat here. “Adventurous mash-up eatery paring sushi rolls with Mexican street food in a mellow corner locale” their words.


4120 3rd ave South, Birmingham, Alabama 35222

(205) 703.8891

However, location…you know that boarded up old victorian house on the South side of town? the one that is haunted? come on, every city in the U.S.A has one. well, this is where, ‘WASABI JUAN’S’ is near. the outside is a bit…scary, but inside? its like a hidden paradise


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