attempting to climb Sir Isaac’s shoulders

sounds pretty arrogant…but there is something we have, that Sir Isaac Newton did not & that is the camera. The camera sees life in a way we do not. we get our photographs back, or uploaded on our computer screen, BUT they don’t look like what we saw, when we took them. in order for…

i ignored you. yet, you thrive

when stressed, i escaped to my gardens. i poured all my love that i could give into it. but this year, i will move away from all i have loved for so long.  i’ve been ignoring my gardens this spring. i’ve not weeded, or taken photographs of the best that has arisen this spring. but…

love the falling focus

life seen in a different ways has always interested me…no, that isn’t correct, it has always pulled at me. the catalyst was my father’s words, “Amy, because you are blind in one eye, you do not see like everyone else” my father will be the first to say, i seldom back down from a challenge….

light paints me different colors

the same flowers shot at different times of day, shot w/ different sunlight-the outside images were shot in the early morning, with the sun just starting to reach over the top of the hill, in front of my house. the image of the flowers in the vase were taken in my kitchen, the light source…

are we there yet?!

gosh, you drive slower than death… Myer’s Plants & Pottery, Pelham, Alabama