remove color & see the detail

DSC_9737DSC_9674DSC_9710DSC_9735DSC_9725 copy

they have veins like us. or perhaps we have veins like they do…

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  1. Jane Lurie says:

    Exactly, Amy. These are terrific monochrome images.


    1. Hi Jane…thank you very much! I wish i could afford to make them BIG & hang on the wall. I love looking at them, there is so much to see. ~amy

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  2. I am blown away by these photos. You are right: so much detail in black and white. Thank for sharing.


    1. i think when we change the way we see everyday things, by removing color…there is an emotional impact in viewing life in a totally unseen way. when i get that ‘punched in the heart’ feeling with my black & white editing, i love it. thanks! ~amy

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  3. debiriley says:

    these are so lovely!
    the form is really emphasized by stripping away the clutter, the color, the background, the unrequired.
    it is a brilliant method to gain the immediacy and impact you want from the viewer…. as it did with me. well done, beautiful images Amy.
    as you know I paint with Color! but, occasionally post BW photos of some of my bushwalks or cats… and I do love the feeling it gives. cheers, Debi


    1. Deb…i’ve always wondered why i have an emotional reaction to black & white photography…i think it is because we see in color & that is the norm…remove the color & i am forced to SEE. to see, you have to be in the ‘now’ or living in the present. what do you think? ~amy

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      1. debiriley says:

        it strips and lays bare everything to its authentic essence…. is my first response.
        color is pretty, I AM a Colorist! but, can bedazzle us if we are not wise. lol


      2. but it is an emotional response, right? you FEEL & SEE differently & that activates a part of our brain seldom used. i love color & black & white-whether photographs or pencil & ink…its powerful. why aren’t you helping unpack all my art supplies?

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  4. It’s lovely to see something in photographed in black and white that is usually all about colour. The lack of colours really brings out the details in the flowers. Beautiful 🙂


    1. Hi RockstarVanity! i believe b&w forces people to SEE and live in the moment or the ‘Now’ because we’ve never seen the like in life…as we live life in full color. Thank you for the compliment! ~amy


  5. Lovely images. Particularly like the lily. Did you invert the black and white, just wondering how you got the white petals?


    1. Hi, Thank you! The lily was half in shadow & the other half? was blown away with direct (11:00am) sunlight. the white is overexposed, because i metered for the drama of the petals…i loved seeing the detail, even in color & in person, i had never found a more beautiful & contradictory, (hard lines, soft fur) textured everywhere, lily. Lucky me. Thanks, Crokerdavid. ~amy


  6. John says:

    Beautiful B&W’s Amy! Those veins have always amazed me. We must be made of the same things.


    1. John…thank you. i think most things in live flow…wind, water, blood, sunlight, moonlight, sound–everything flows & to see it in detail in the flower, to crazy me, it shows how much we are connected to everything else. ~amy

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