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    1. We will be harvesting our tomatoes until September here in Alabama. We eat most while we pick everyday. I’m grateful they don’t all turn red at once, very staggered in there ripening. Thanks, Casey! ~amy


  1. Amazing – in our garden, the strawberries are all gone, the last of the plums have just been picked, and the blueberries are growing but not yet ripening into that wonderful shade of blue. Different climate in the Netherlands πŸ™‚


    1. Very different! Alabama in summer is beyond tolerable. I grew up in a far gentler summer. Vermont never really got too hot for long. Our blueberries are almost done, we’ve left quite a few to share with the birds because our freezer is full of them. ~amy


  2. I never heard that tomatoes could burst because of the heat. Cool and amazing. I learn something new every day. It looks like you have a great harvest. You have done a great job. Your kids must love picking everything themselves and eating everything.


    1. Hi Honey…i noticed that when I grew my first tomatoes in Alabama, if they ripened on the vine, they would split. So i learned to pick them just when a wee bit of red begins to show. I may be wrong, but i do know that it is hot & humid in Alabama. After being outside in 90F heat with 100% humidity, I feel like i will burst too! ~amy


      1. 90F and 100%humidity I would melt. We have 25 C at 8:22 and that is unusual for us. 25C is 82F I love it when it is this warm because it is so unusual for us. Especially that we have had warm weather since spring. A heat wave once in a blue moon that last this long.

        Most people in Sweden only grow tomatoes in a green house because our summers aren’t normally warm enough during the day. The temps drop at night. Your kids must be having a blast swimming this summer. Have a great day!


      2. It seems your weather is similar to Vermont’s. I love cold nights. Summers in Alabama are torture & it is when I miss Vermont the most.
        I find it incredible that tomatoes must be grown in a green house. Thank you for teaching me more about Sweden, Honey! It is so wonderful to be able to write to someone on the other side of the world. One of my most favorite things about blogging is meeting people like you!
        I wish you a great day & weekend!


    1. I love those fuzzy hairs too. reminded me of baby fuzz. Those wee tomatoes were the size of a green pea. So cute. & we’ve been collecting so many lately, that I don’t really know what to do with them all. Although i eat about five cherry tomatoes straight off the plants. Thank you, Eva. ~amy


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