ever notice the stars?

14 thoughts on “ever notice the stars?

  1. Amy, I have been out every other day for two weeks to gather as many blueberries as I can save from the marauding birds. Yet, I totally missed this amazing attribute. Not to worry, the birds are still getting a good harvest too. 😉


    1. Hi Lynda,
      My father in law said to plant enough for you & for the animals. I never was able to get a large harvest b/c the birds got to them before me. But now that we have three freezer bags full, we’ve left the rest for the birds. This year was the first year i didn’t mind the birds. It only took 5 years to do it! 🙂 I noticed the star because I photographed my bounty & the only one with the star up, stood out…well, like a star. I’m glad you have been beating the birds a bit. Thank you for sharing your blueberry story with me! ~amy


    1. umm…more of a child’s vision. It has been my children & the children i taught, that have shown me how to see the world. Best teachers out there. Nice to see you, Sir Scott Marshall! ~amy


      1. Thanks so much for your catch up on my feed Amy, you have done what I am doing more often – we simply can’t keep up with everyone feed so I use the reader and as people appear do a sort of back catalog catch up. I love blogging as I glean so many ideas from everyone – your comments are very uplifting and appreciated. Thanks for posting on your Facebook profile any expose is gratefully received – all the best Scott


      2. Reader is a wonderful source for inspiration. I catch up with you anytime i see you post something to me b/c i’ve never seen you in my reader. It seems as though you don’t post very often & somehow I miss your work. Which is why i love finding you in my comments because then i can just click your name & I go straight to you. You are incredible & i post your stuff to my Facebook whenever i can. Not very many people read my posts though…i guess they are all sick of seeing my own! 🙂 If i haven’t been to your blog, forgive me? I do know what i am missing! Cheers to you, Scott. ~amy


  2. i had seen the apple star but funnily enough as far as timing goes on simultaneous events/discoveries occur . . . . we went to pick blueberries a few days ago and my youngest daughter brought me a blueberry, pointed to the star spot, and very quietly said, “look mum there’s a star sleeping over there, it must be waiting for night to come”, then we looked at it for a while and at all the other blueberries holding sleeping stars and i realized i hadn’t noticed stars in blueberries before she showed me . . .. . then i wondered if she’d eat up the blueberry now that it held a sleeping star but she was long gone, leaving me wondering!!


    1. That is a very cool experience. Children taught me to see the world around me, just as i did when I was a child. I taught preschoolers for about five years, part-time & they taught me about life & art. I guess that is why i noticed the star. I will never again look at the world the way i did before i met those children & had my own. Keep on wondering, seeing through the eyes of a child seems to make the world far more beautiful. ~amy


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