grow what you wanna eat

these are going to become blueberries…i have five blueberry bushes, 8 years of age. you know what that means? i will have too many blueberries to eat…if you own dirt, consider planting blueberry bushes, they are beautiful & give fruit. AND they will bring big, fat bees…

feed me

yesterday’s pick. i bring the BIG tomatoes in just as they begin to turn red because in Alabama heat, if left outside to ripen, they boil & burst. 🙂 besides, green tomatoes are DELICIOUS! We put them on our pizza, pastas, BLT’s or we leave them to ripen on the kitchen table.

blueberries keep on coming

This is what we see every single day for the past two weeks. Lucky us! Plant yourself some native blueberries, it will take about five years to have them produce…too many to eat. But it is so worth the wait!

i’ve got the Monday blues

lucky me. it took me 15 minutes to pick the blueberries this morning. it took about 3 minutes for our family of five to eat half. the tomatoes & one strawberry came out of the gardens today too.