Sweet Pea Garden Shop

DSC_0701 DSC_0706 DSC_0707 DSC_0708 DSC_0713 DSC_0721 DSC_0703 DSC_0697 DSC_0696

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  1. All amazing shots, my choice of the day is….the crocodile!!! What a handsome dude, love the colors of the shot, especially the small orange spot on the crock matching the brick that is one in a million. That bright green just compliments so nicely the orange. OK, I must admit I like the bird too…..and the fence with the green leaves…..and the yellow flowers…………………:D


    1. Amy Saab says:

      I loved where they placed that crocodile too. I noticed the colors around him & thought how lucky i was to see it there. I love the birds too, they are houses! thank you, Eva! ~amy


  2. Love this garden shop


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Me too. I’d not visited it in the last year or so. It was wonderful to see the changes. ~amy


  3. Dale says:

    These are great! I love little shops like this…


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Oh, me too, Dale. I loved walking around the little place. My kids followed the cat around the entire time, so they were happy to be there too. ~amy


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