even in death…

You’re awesome! This is a Juncus Effusus “Spiralis” or “corkscrew rush”…or a few other names i’m not going to list. This is a perennial, best planted in a container or as a houseplant. I’ve been told it becomes more wavy with less light.

the shy one

So shy, is the Lentin Rose…i try hard to find a point of a spring flower who fears the sunlight. these are forced, with wire, to face me. a bit like putting a finger under the chin of a small child, to lift the face & be astonished by their beauty. happy spring Alabama

the sun was photobombed by a moth

I took this with my iPhone, while i was shopping for perennials (most are 50% now) …I never saw the moth until i uploaded images i had snapped while shopping. I was shocked! Lucky me.

the last pea

i mean Sweet Pea Garden Shop photos. Sweet Pea is located in downtown Homewood, Alabama. A fantastic nursery to visit. Everything from garden art, signs, gifts, flowers, herbs, orchids, annuals, perennials, lots of shade loving perennials, water plants & a beautiful calico cat.

yesterday’s pick

The weather called for hail, high wind & a pounding rain. I wasn’t going to let these flowers endure that kind of punishment. Better they get put into vases to make my house more beautiful.

reflect your life in glass

I’ve said this a thousand times. But…here is 1,001. For our own self-preservation, support your local, privately owned businesses (no matter where you are). These owners are our neighbors. If they succeed, then we all do. Besides, life reflected in glass that is cylindrical, distorts it just enough to make it all the more beautiful….

Collier’s Nursery

Collier’s Nursery is located on 2904 Old Rocky Ridge Road, Birmingham, Alabama 35243. Their phone # 205.822.3133. Collier’s Nursery has the most beautiful, unique & extensive collection of pots I’ve ever seen. Their employees treated my friend & I as friends the minute we walked in. There are so many beautiful & babied flowers, they…

flowers drained of color

like a vampire. The flowers are from Leaf & Petal…most i’ve planted at home. A few are at there stores.  I went to two different Leaf & petals yesterday. Life is good.